- Guided Hillwalking Across the Scottish Highlands

Navigation Courses

Whether you are a novice seeking basic navigation tuition, an experienced hillwalker looking to brush up on your skills, or someone preparing for an assessment, we can help prepare you with the skills you need for making the most of your adventures in the Scottish mountains.

The Scottish Highlands have a lot of open space. There are vast areas of hill country, with mountains, moorland, lochans and rivers, presenting a very complex topography. This is the perfect location to learn how to navigate in the mountains. We aim to equip you with all the skills necessary to navigate safely and efficiently, from getting orientated and setting the map, to taking bearings and following them, using contours and relocating yourself in bad visibility.

If you would like to organise bespoke navigation training for a group or fine-tune some specific aspects of your own navigation, please get in touch and we can discuss your goals.

Taking a Bearing

Taking a Bearing in Poor Visibility