Yesterday was a good day up Am Faochagach, a Munro in the Beinn Dearg group in Ross-shire. We took a route following a winding ridge from the Glascarnoch dam. This gave a nice high-level route with easy walking on heath type terrain, although it was a little boggy in places reaching the ridge.

It was sunny and clear in the morning with a nice inversion before some dense cloud swept in from the west, just in time for us to reach the summit!

View from Am Faochagach

Good views from Am Faochagach with a Morning Inversion

It never felt cold though and the snow cover is really sparse. Winter gear was left in the car and it felt more like spring. Mainly snow is only left on the flanks of ridges or up on north or north-east faces. A cold blast is due this week though, so fingers crossed for some winter!

Beinn Dearg Group

The Beinn Dearg Group from Am Faochagach – some snow surviving high on north and north-east facing slopes.